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9 JUNE 2018

About the meeting

AtletiCAGenève is an athletics meeting created 1988 by Geneva athletics club Centre athlétique de Genève to remember Georges Caillat, a former leader of the club. The meet is organised every year on the stadium Bout-du-Monde in Geneva. Two of the founding members, Pablo Cassina and Jean-Daniel Oberson, are still playing an important role in the organisation.

Serving the best Swiss athletes, AtletiCAGenève enables them to compete against top-class athletes and offers conditions favorable to a qualification for major championships or the Olympic Games. For high level European athletes who are not offered a lane in Diamond League meetings, AtletiCAGenève serves as a springboard for their career.

Prized by Swiss and European athletes, AtletiCAGenève offers outstanding reception and organisation conditions, as well as top-quality facilities. Since the first edition, AtletiCAGenève has seen many outstanding performances (national records, European best performance).

Besides performance, AtletiCAGenève conveys a positive image of athletics, with its friendly atmosphere. It favours encounters between athletes, trainers, organisers and federation representatives. The reception is worthy of Swiss hospitality reputation.


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